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Snapchat Sexting: Here’s How to Stay Safe

The internet and social media are already a significant part of our lives and will continue to be so. We share our big events with others, post pictures, and write online what we think about this and that. We tweet, like and comment on everything and everyone, and others do the same to us. But I’m not sure that everyone would like to have their nude selfie posted online, or Snapchat sexting screenshot liked and shared all over the world wide web. Here’s how to enjoy all the blessings of Snapchat sexting and stay safe from any leaks.

sexting 8If you’re using Snapchat, you’re already on a good path. Snapchat deletes all your snaps, so there’s no danger that dirty parts of your Snapchat sexting are going to go public. Every time you want to send a photo, you decide how long your Snapchat sexting partner is going to be able to see it. Your pic can be available for 10 seconds or only 1, it’s up to you. Of course, the possibility of taking a screenshot is always there, but Snapchat informs you if your sexting pal is doing that. Yes, it would be better if they could access your partner’s phone and erase the screenshot, but that option isn’t available. Yet.

When it comes to those nudes and sexy videos you keep in your phone, make sure they’re hidden well. You really want to avoid all the mess one dick pic could cause. No one would like to stumble upon a portrait of your cock while taking a photo of you or your family. Especially not your parents. The best solution for this is installing a vault app. It keeps all your delicate material away from curious eyes of anyone who likes going through other people’s phones. It’s locked and protected with a password, so no sneaky noses are going in without your permission, and nobody is going to peek into your Snapchat sexting content.

However, sometimes accidents happen. No matter how careful or well-protected you are, sometimes things just slip away and there you are – full frontal on Twitter. Or you accidentally posted a video of you masturbating on your Snapchat Story. And of course your sister’s on Snapchat, she sends you those puppy-faced pics all the time. Bad. Really, really bad.

sexting 5In order to give yourself an alibi in this situation, you must be careful when you take selfies or make videos. At least make it possible to believe it wasn’t you. So, when you’re taking a nude selfie, don’t let your face be visible in the picture. And don’t blur it, because it can be un-blurred. Leave it out of the picture, all of it. Also, don’t take a pic of anything that makes your body distinctive – birth marks, tattoos, scars, piercings… I know, it can kill the vibe sometimes, but better safe than sorry.

In the end, make sure you know who you’re sexting with. I’m not saying that your Snapchat sexting buddy you’ve met online isn’t for real, just that you should be a bit cautious. That’s why it’s always a good idea not to start Snapchat sexting with a nude selfie. Take it slow and find out a bit about your Snapchat sexting partner. That way you’ll know who you’re dealing with, and you’ll also learn how to turn them on even without sending pics.