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The 101 on Taking Sexy Snapchat Nudes

We’re all sexting, more or less. Most people never get past the flirting and teasing stage, while others are taking serious steps by way of Snapchat nudes and sexy videos. Simple sexts might be enough for you at the moment, but if you change your mind or if you just want to be informed in case you need it one day, find out how to take sexy Snapchat nudes and how to always look great. For those of you who are already deep into the sea of Snapchat nudes, this can be a good reminder. Or, maybe, you can learn a few new tricks.

sexting 2Before I even start talking about taking a perfect Snapchat nude selfie, let me tell you one thing. Don’t you dare give up on Snapchat nudes because you think you’re not hot enough! Sexy comes in every shape and size, you just need to be a bit more free and use a trick or two. And here’s how.

Clean the background. The center of your Snapchat nude should be you, so don’t let some unfolded clothes or a messy table steal your thunder. You definitely don’t want to talk about your untidy room after sending a Snapchat nude. I know you’re sexting and your room really shouldn’t be the topic when you’re both so horny, but some people just can’t help it, they have to mention it. Well, don’t give them a reason. And make sure your camera lens is clean, you want a clean shot here. Unless you want it to look steamy, that’s a whole different story.

Next step, the lighting. Even fitness models look like they’ve just eaten too much pizza if they use the wrong light. Lighting is very powerful and it can make you look like a deity or turn you into a pumpkin. Use that! Try to catch some natural light and make sexy Snapchat nudes during the day. If that’s impossible for this sexting session that’s getting really hot and you need a Snapchat nude right now, you’ll have to pay attention to your home lighting. Stay away from those lights that stand right above your head. The shadows will make you look wrinkled and fat, and that’s not the sexy body you want to show in that Snapchat nude. Use the shadows to cover those parts of your body that you’re not very proud of. And give your attributes the spotlight – bring your sexy curves or big bicep to light. Show what you’ve got and leave the flaws in the shadow.

Snapchat LogoStrike a pose. Or two. Or three. Or twenty. Perfect shots are sometimes spontaneous, but in most cases they’re the product of thousands of attempts. Go a bit to the left, then a bit to the right. Put the camera up, to the side, down. Try different angles and you’ll find out which one’s the best for your perfect Snapchat nude.

In the end, don’t forget to be careful. Snapchat nudes are erased by Snapchat after a few seconds, but it often happens that they end up online, leaked somehow. Because of that, it’s always a good idea not to include your face in a Snapchat nude picture. You’re sexy even if your sexting partner can’t see your face. It’s Snapchat nude, for God’s sake! Of course it’s sexy!

Use these tricks and make that perfect Snapchat nude! Your sexting partner will drool all over the screen, and the orgasms will follow.